During the long working days of the late spring and summer, a poor choice of trouser can literally bring hell down to earth. To be more precise, a very hot, sticky and uncomfortable day.

While looking tacky and remaining "COOL" with the temperature can seem a bit impossible. With the right tricks under your sleeve it can become a little bit smoother for an individual like you to handle the HEAT....

There are plenty of trousers out the market that are ideal for summer, but sometimes it can be hard to gauge what trousers are appropriate for which occasion especially when it's hotter than hell outside. Whether you’re chilling in a park, strolling around town or stuck it the office peering out the window, you’re going to need some cool summer pants that are well suited for the occasion and your style.

WORK, work … but really? Work at summer?!

Despite the fact that we'd all love to take three months off for a surfing tour, the likelihood is you’re going to have to work this summer. A trusty pair of chinos is a no-brainer, but have you thought about wool dress pants? The marvellous items that come in a variety of colors, tones and patterns. Wool is both breathable and stylish, making it a great choice for summer pants. One might say good wool trousers are the ones to invest in for summer's heated months. So, if you're thinking about buying men's cropped pants this summer, keep them simple and wear them with either smart trainers or loafers if you're feeling a bit smarter.

Chino Trousers
Wool Trousers

For those nights that will never be forgotten!

Well, as it happened to me many times, if your day spent in the sun has now turned into a night out on the town, you'll need to be able to change into some appropriate trousers to add some sauce to your "sauciness". The summer nights are usually warm with a nice breeze in the air. However, as the breeze penetrates your bones, jeans, chinos and formal trousers will keep your temperature at a desirable level. It's summer, get your inner brightness out and start wearing more bright colors. White, yellow or even sky blue pants will do the color trick, keeping you up to date to the current trend setters.

"CROP" the Cargo and "COP" the Khaki!

You wanna fill your pockets with a pack of cigars, chewing gums (to smell a bit better after), a phone, a wallet and sometimes a corpse? The khaki cargo trouser is great for those days when pockets are essential. Originally designed as a military trouser, cargos’ come with at least six pockets. This makes the cargo trouser brilliant for the summer, who is foolish enough to be lugging around a satchel or backpack under the blazing heat. Forthunately weist bags are back in trend. So if you know you'll need to carry things on you and would like to add 'military' to your street style, this is a great option to consider. Cargo pants come in a variety of natural colors.

Cargo Pants

JOGGING?…NAH, I AM JOKING! What about them JOGGERS tho…

Lately, joggers have climbed up the ranks as retro style is back to Bizz. In fact, designers and musicians have popularized the structured fit jogger, which leave the groin and thighs space to breathe while becoming more fitted at the lower leg. Nothing will beat the comfort of joggers on those laid-back days because, with skinny fit joggers, you can have comfort without feeling to slouchy.

Joggers obviously are not appropriate for office attire, however, neither are they reserved for sportswear and loungewear alone. The greatest thing about joggers is their comfort. Joggers are, without a doubt, the most comfortable trousers on the list.

Wool on the other hand is a fantastic fabric, great for both winter and summer. Many people and I will think of wearing wool pants in summer as a big no-no. In actual fact, wool is incredibly breathable, insulating and natural a heat regulator which is great for both winter and summer.

Both cotton and wool trousers in summer are great, nature has designed both to be breathable and comfortable. The cotton trouser is best during those long summer days and after a quick scene change however wool dress trousers are fantastic for those cool summer evenings.

Whatever pants you choose to wear, matching it with a nice relaxed t-shit or even a casual shirt will always get you a clean and fresh look. The material matters. Make sure to choose a COOL fabric. Literally cool! But don't worry we got you covered, we will discuss this in an upcoming blog post very soon…

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