UNHIP is the new HIP

Today, unhip is the new hip, something which is having a dramatic effect on how men dress. The movement has been called anti-fashion, a middle finger to previously dominant ideas of what’s stylish.

Nerdy staples like baggy fleece jackets, corduroy trousers and touristy trainers are suddenly the toast of menswear. That's why tourists have the nicest style 🙂 I'M JUST KIDDING.

The conversation around dad sneakers has exploded the Internet to the point of being borderline over. Meanwhile, things like bum-bags have been a slower burn.

While square-toed shoes aren’t quite there yet, they certainly aren’t out of the question, Balenciaga’s latest derbies are as square as can be.

The way things are going, don’t be surprised when boot-cut jeans make a comeback as designers and shoppers redefine what’s cool and what's not.

Balenciaga Derby Shoes
Balenciaga Derby Shoes
Balenciaga Derby Shoes
Balenciaga Derby Shoes

Consumers are being more inventive with their looks and we’re seeing shoppers mix up their style and push the boundaries of traditional dress codes.

This might come in the form of a fleece being layered under a formal structured coat, or a belt bag worn over a double-breasted jacket.

The Return of the BUM BAGS

Bum bag. Fanny pack. Whatever you want to call it, there’s no getting away from the fact that even the very name of this dorky staple just radiates uncoolness.

Fittingly, waist bags have long been the domain of embarrassing parents, elderly tourists and other distinctly unfashionable types.

That is until the explosion of small bags in men’s fashion catapulted it straight to the top of the MUST HAVE list.

It was the emergence of the cross-body bag that really got the ball rolling. This streetwear favourite is essentially a bum bag worn diagonally across the body. As opposed to on the hips and has been reimagined by brands ranging from Palace to Prada.

Bum Bag
Bum Bag
Bum Bag
Bum Bag

Now, however, pint-size pouches have migrated south to the beltline and are once again being worn in their intended manner. To pull the style off, make sure to wear it as part of a streetwear-inspired look.

Try wearing one over a slouchy hoodie and topping it off with cuffed cargo trousers and a pair of nineties throwback sneakers.

Welcome to the ANORAKS

Up until recently, it’s always been a pretty reliable rule of thumb to work on the principle that anything with a quarter zip is categorically not cool. These days, however, that’s far from true.

Anoraks are the latest in a series of garments (fleece included) to have hiked their way out of the campsite and onto the fashion week front row. It goes back to fashion’s new fondness for practicality.

Stylish technical outerwear brands such as Nike ACG and North Face are making raincoats cool again. So much so that Gore-Tex is fast becoming the material of the moment in fashion circles.

Staying dry isn’t the only benefit because styling an anorak couldn’t be easier either. Slap on your slim fit denim and suede trainers for a Failure Safe weekend look and that's a wrap. DONE DEAL.

Anorak Jackets

Quess what? FLEECE is back!

Fleece has long been the fabric of choice for sitting in bushes and looking at avian creatures through binoculars. This has, in the past, marked it as something to be avoided by anyone with even a modicum of sartorial cognizance.

However, with streetwear brands increasingly looking to the outdoors for inspiration, fleecy outerwear has made a surprise comeback, and now you’re just as likely to find it being worn by skaters at London’s Southbank.

By a 61-year-old retiree called Jack, eating a donut at a cafe after a long day of sitting on a bench looking at people pass by.

If you’re in the market for a fleece yourself, look out for colourful detailing and retro styling from some of the more fashion friendly outdoors labels. Think Patagonia or The North Face, both of which have recently released plenty of throwback fleecy goodness.

fleece jacket 1
fleece jacket 2

Dad... Can i borrow your Jeans?

With previously uncool items such as bumbags and ugly sneakers now high up on the fashion hotlist, dads all over the world are fast running out of ways to embarrass their children when picking them up from school.

If they thought those ill-fitting, mid-wash jeans were the answer, they’re sorely mistaken!!!

Loose-cut, straight-leg jeans have long been something of a menswear faux pas, but with Vetements, Off-White and the like now including them in their ready-to-wear collections.

We see brands like Topman or Arket following suit on the high street, dad jeans time to shine has finally come.

You’ll be relieved to know that wearing a pair doesn’t have to mean dressing up like one of Demna Gvasalia’s runway models, nor does it require you to tuck a plain white tee in and start painting skirting boards on a Saturday afternoon.

To pull this style of leg wear off, wear it as part of a workwear-inspired look. Think sturdy boots, a flannel shirt and perhaps a chore coat, should the weather call for it.

dad jeans 1
dad jeans 2

Practicality is suddenly desirable

The belt bag, for example, is a classic hands-free style and with the likes of Gucci and Fendi creating chic, premium versions, it’s something that can now be worn on any occasion.

Styles which we used to categorise as being typically uncool, we’re now seeing reinterpreted within ready to wear collections.

Fabrications such as fleece and dad jeans, have been given a new life, and as streetwear brands continue to spotlight functional and outdoors inspired pieces, this looks like Nerd Style is the way to go.

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