Hats have disclosed themselves as a stylish men’s accessory. From baseball caps to bucket hats, fedoras to snapbacks, men’s hats are a versatile, functional and stylish addition to any look. They’re also practical and suitable for all occasions.

Rain, hail, sun or snow, a hat will keep you warm, dry and sheltered while at the same time looking great. Hats can finish off any casual, classy or eclectic ensemble in a simple yet inspired way.

Whether you have an affinity for vintage style or just want to stand out, adding a dress hat to your ensemble is a seamless way to make a statement. Below ill be showing you the top hat styles out there now, so you are head on when it comes to the Hat game.

Fedora Hat

The fedora is probably the best-known hat on this list, but not always the best fit for every style. A fedora is a brimmed hat with an indented crown.

The biggest variations in this style come from the fabric it’s made from and the size of the brim.  A particularly polarizing style, the fedora is notoriously difficult to pull off.

Love it or hate it, the Fedora has stood the test of time. Going from the hat of choice for gangsters in the 1920s and 1950s to a hipster staple item in the 2000s, Fedoras are probably one of the most polarizing men’s accessories.

For an updated look that’s more edgy than dad on vacation, we recommend a felt or wool style. If you’re serious about looking good in one of these, go to a hat maker and get sized.


The ’90s style baseball cap burst onto the fashion scene after the New York snapback became increasingly popular with Yankees fans. Nowadays, snapbacks have cornered the market being worn by cap connoisseurs, ballers, fashionistas and cool kids all over the world.

The name comes from the hat’s adjustable fastener at the back. Like its vintage cousin, the dad hat, it is also one-size-fits-all, providing a relaxed, oversized fit. However, the snapback is more rigid in its design, making it more structured. Snapbacks add an effortless yet instantly cool vibe to any outfit.


Moving on their cousin, dad hats, they are awesome vintage accessories that scream laid-back style. These relaxed baseball caps are usually canvas or cotton with a slightly curved brim.

The dad hat also sports an adjustable strapback closure, making it one-size-fits-all. Dad hats make great additions to any sports luxe ensemble and can be used to add a vintage twist to any casual look.

Baseball Cap

From snapbacks to dad hats, there are so many variations of baseball caps, but you can never go past a classic. Baseball caps started off as simple five-panel caps with adjustable straps and were worn as part of baseball team uniforms.

Today, they are as much a fashion item as a piece of sportswear. A favourite of street style stars and celebrities, the baseball cap has graduated to an iconic status because of its simple and cool designs.

Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are back, and the ’90s revival continues with no sign of stopping. Gaining popularity with various musical and skater subcultures, the bucket hat has gone from a humble fisherman’s hat to downright edgy and kicky street style look.

Made from heavy-duty cotton fabrics such as denim and canvas, or wool blends like tweed, bucket hats feature wide, downward-sloping brims, resembling an inverted bucket.

They have been a street style favourite for years and are perfect when trying to create a laid-back urban look. To rock the look, try throwing on a bucket hat with a bomber jacket, high-tops, a jersey and an industrial belt would do the trick.

Flat Cap

The Flat Cap is known by more names than we actually care to count, some of the most common alternatives being the ivy cap, cabbie cap, or driving cap. This style is categorized by a rounded cap that sits close to the head and the short, stiff brim. It’s usually made from cold-weather fabrics such as wool, tweed, and cotton.

Popular among celebrities and television characters, flat caps come from humble roots. The flat cap was once typically worn by chimney sweepers and farmers. As we said about farmers and flat caps, peaky blinders' Shelby family is in fact rocking these huts.

For extra warmth and comfort, these stiff-brimmed rounded caps are lined. Flat caps look best when paired with a smart casual style for a touch of charm. Make sure to rock one of these the next time your fashionista friend sees you, you won’t regret it!

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